Ministry Teams

Isaiah 6:8   

Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people?  

Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.”


Would you like to be involved in a work for God’s Kingdom?   There are many opportunities here at Impact and we want and need for you to be involved.   You are so unique and important in God’s Kingdom.   Contact us and let us know where you want to begin.

Kingdom Opportunities

  1. Prayer-Intercession Ministry Team:   For those who feel a passion for intercession to pray for the church, region, nation and global prayer.  This prayer team is very intentional and targeted with prayer needs and may receive “special” prayer requests as deemed pertinent. 

  2. Evangelism Ministry Team:  For those who have a heart to touch the lost in a structured way, such as guided mission teams going into the local community or to the extended areas of our region or globe.  This may include ministry such as prison or jail ministry, targeted local communities, or global organized mission trips.

  3. Discipleship/Mentoring Ministry Team:   For those who desire to see believers reach a state of maturity in Christ by assisting in mentoring or discipleship ministry opportunities.   This may include small group or individual mentoring.   Those who desire to be a part of this team must be well grounded and proven in his or her understanding and application of the Word of God and show visible signs of the fruit of the Spirit in their life. 

  4. Teaching Ministry Team: For those who believe they have a gift of teaching the Word of God and are students of the Word.   Those involved will be in full agreement with the basic tenants of Impact Church as described in “what we believe”.   Teachers must be students of the Word of God on an ongoing basis and always looking to gain greater knowledge into a Biblically balanced doctrine.  

  5. Worship Ministry Team:  For those who are gifted in the area of music regarding voice or instrument.   Members of this team will be approved by the Worship Director and must show a lifestyle of worship to participate. 

  6. Children/Youth Ministry Team:  For those who desire to minister to children ages infant to College.  This ministry includes Nursery, Children’s Church, Middle and High School and Young Adults. 

  7. Helps Ministry Team:   For those who desire to assist in the general needs of the church or church ministries.  This team will assist in general ministry efforts such as distribution of food and other items to the needy, collection of food, care for the building and grounds and other items.

  8. House of Hope/Here to Hear Ministry Team:  For those who desire to assist women who need their lives restored and need a place to re-establish their lives.   This ministry works within the community and with community organizations.

  9. Usher Ministry Team:    For those who desire to assist to ensure the smooth running of all church services.    This involves greeting and assisting people during the church service, assisting those with special needs and receiving the church offering.  Ushers are also trained in security and assist with the secure operation of the church during services.

  10. Hospitality Ministry Team:   For those who desire to help coordinate all activities involving hospitality and care ministry for visitors or church members.  This ministry team will assist with special needs of church members and will serve as greeters during services, coordinate and design new guest materials and man the welcome center during church functions or services.

  11. Counseling Ministry Team: For those who desire to assist believers in areas such as personal, marriage and family, parenting, children, general Christian and interpersonal counseling.  To participate on this team, members must be certified through the Impact Counseling Associate Program via AACC and/or Light University Counseling Center.  

  12. Elder Ministry Team:  For those who desire to assist the pastor in the areas of hospital visitation, prayer for the sick and general pastoral duties.   These team members are by pastor invitation only.

  13. Administration Ministry Team:  For those who enjoy administrative duties such as typing, newsletters, blog…and general administrative duties.   Members of this team will work across all the Ministry Teams to provide administrative assistance as needed.

  14. Technology-Media Team:  For those who are skilled in the area of computer, video, audio technology.   Members of this team will assist the worship team with necessary media/technology needs as well as the church website, service streaming, digital and internet ministry opportunities. 

  15. Special Interest Ministry Team:  For those who specifically feel called to ministries such as Women, Men, Seniors, Young Families, etc.  This may include those who desire to assist the unfortunate with practical needs, such as repairs, maintenance, housing etc.



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